Version 0.9.86

  • Fixed: issue 588: Fixed account summary tag.

  • Fixed: issue 589: Fixed more account summary tags.

  • pull:598: Year updates

Version 0.9.85

  • Fixed: issue 586: Revert socket protocol back to version 176.

Version 0.9.84

  • Potential fix for reqWshEventData.

Version 0.9.83

  • Added support for WSH (Wall Street Horizon) requests plus the (blocking) convenience methods getWshMetaData and getWshEventData.

  • Updated socket protocol to version 177.

  • Added support for Event security type.

Version 0.9.82

  • Fixed: issue 534: Session parsing for Forex contracts.

  • Fixed: issue 536: Handle empty session field.

  • Fixed: issue 541: Remove superfluous closing bracket.

  • Fixed: issue 542: Use float size for pnlSingle.

  • Fixed: issue 544: Cancel head-time request after completion.

  • Fixed: issue 545: Return Trade instead of Order for reqOpenOrders and reqAllOpenOrders.

  • pull 553: Volume bar added.

  • pull 565: Typo fix.

Version 0.9.81

  • Add ContractDetails.tradingSessions() and ContractDetails.liquidSessions() to parse session times.

  • Fix IBC.on2fatimeout command line argument for Unix.

Version 0.9.80

  • Fix ib.reqMatchingSymbols to handle bond contracts.

Version 0.9.79

  • Fix datetime parsing.

Version 0.9.78

  • Added account parameter to ib.portfolio().

  • Added IBC.on2fatimeout field.

  • Removed obsolete IBController.

  • Fixed: issue 530: Use explicit timezone in requests as per new API requirement.

Version 0.9.77

  • pull 528: Fixes regression in

Version 0.9.76

  • Fixed: issue 525: For whatIf request treat error 110 as failure.

Version 0.9.75

  • Fixed: issue 524: Use fix from Papakipos for issue with FlexReport downloading.

Version 0.9.74

  • Fix reqContractDetails bug in combination with latest TWS.

  • Update the code to comply with stricter MyPy checks.

Version 0.9.73

  • pull 523: Fix completedOrder parsing for new socket protocol.

Version 0.9.72

  • pull 507: Fixes bondContractDetails request.

  • Fixed: issue 502: Treat error 110 as a warning.

  • Added manualOrderTime and manualCancelOrderTime for audit trails.

  • Added PEG MID and PEG BEST order types.

  • Added contract fields description and issuerId.

  • Added IB.reqUserInfo().

  • Support socket protocol version 176.

Version 0.9.71

  • pull 453: Added support for bidExchange and askExchange fields to Ticker.

  • pull 489: Watchdog.start() now returns a Future.

  • Fixed: issue 439: Set marketDataType directly on Ticker.

  • Fixed: issue 441: Add explicit timezone of None to accomodate pandas Timestamp.

  • Fixed: issue 471: Revised Ticker.marketPrice() calculation.

  • Added minTick, bboExchange and snapshotPermissions fields to Ticker.

  • Added minSize, sizeIncrement and suggestedSizeIncrement fields to ContractDetails.

  • Added IB.reqHistoricalSchedule request.

  • Added IB.reqSmartComponents request.

  • Added Order.advancedErrorOverride field. Any advanced error message is made availble from Trade.advancedError.

  • Added a recipe for integration with PyGame.

  • Minimum required TWSAPI client protocol version is 157 now.

Version 0.9.70

  • Fixed: issue 413: Set the appropriate events as done on disconnect.

  • Exported symbols are now static so that the VSCode/PyLance code analyzer can understand it.

Version 0.9.69

  • Fixed: issue 403: Change validity test for whatIfOrder response.

Version 0.9.68

  • Fixed: issue 402: Downloading historical ticks for crypto currencies.

Version 0.9.67

  • Crypto security class added. To accommodate fractional crypto currency sizes, all the various size and volume fields that were of type int are now of type float.

  • pull 385: Get day trades remaining for next four days in IB.accountSummary.

  • Fixed: issue 361: Prevent util.logToConsole and util.logToFile from messing with the root logger.

  • Fixed: issue 370: Catch asyncio.CancelledError during connect.

  • Fixed: issue 371: Fix type annotation for reqMarketRuleAsync.

  • Fixed: issue 380: Reject bogus whatIf order response.

  • Fixed: issue 389: Add TradeLogEntry.errorCode field.

Version 0.9.66

  • Fixed: issue 360: Improved disconnect.

  • Fixed issue with duplicate orderId.

  • Update Order default values to work with the latest beta TWS/gateway.

  • pull 348: Added PySide6 support.

Version 0.9.65

  • Fixed: issue 337.

  • pull 317: Update and order’s totalQuantity, lmtPrice, auxPrice and orderType when the order is modified externally.

  • pull 332: Typo.

Version 0.9.64

  • Fixed: issue 309: Aggregate past fills into the Trade they belong to upon connect.

  • ContFut objects are now hashable (issue 310).

  • Added Watchdog.probeTimeout parameter (issue 307).

Version 0.9.63

  • Fixed issue 282: util.Qt() also works with the ProactorEventLoop (default on Windows) now.

  • Fixed issue 303: A regression in TWS 480.4l+ is bypassed now to avoid IB.connect() timeouts. Request timeouts during syncing are logged as errors but will let the connect proceed.

Version 0.9.62

  • IB.TimezoneTWS field added, for when the TWS timezone differs from the local system timezone (issue 287).

  • IB.RaiseRequestErrors field added, can be set to True to raise RequestError when certain requests fail, instead of returning empty data (pull 296).

  • IB.accountSummaryAsync() method added (issue 267).

  • Watchdog.probeContract field added, to use a contract other then EURUSD for probing the data connection (issue 298).

  • Ticker.rtTime added (issue 274, pull 275). Please note that this timestamp appears to be mostly bogus.

  • Fixed issue 270: Clear ticker depth data when canceling market depth subscription.

  • Fixed issue with duplicate order IDs.

Version 0.9.61

  • Ticker.marketDataType added to indicate the delayed/frozen status of the reqMktData ticks.

Version 0.9.60

  • IB.reqHistoricalData() has a new timeout parameter that automatically cancels the request after timing out.

  • BracketOrder is iterable again.

  • IB.waitOnUpdate() returns False on timeout now.

  • pull 210: Fix decoding of execDetails time.

  • pull 215: New scanner notebook added, courtesy of C. Valcarcel.

  • pull 220: Added readonly option for Watchdog.

  • Fixed issue 221: Delayed close ticks handling by Ticker.

  • Fixed issue 224: Added timeout for completedOrders request during connect.

  • Fixed issue 227: IB.MaxSyncedSubAccounts added.

  • Fixed issue 230: Fixed IB.reqHistogramData method.

  • Fixed issue 235: Order.discretionaryAmt is now of type float (was int).

  • Fixed issue 236: ticker.updateEvent is now fired for any change made to the ticker.

  • Fixed issue 245: Emit trade.statusEvent when order is implicitly canceled by a problem.

  • You can now sponsor the development of IB-insync!

Version 0.9.59

  • PR #205 adds more typing annotations.

  • dataclasses are now used for objects (instead of inheriting from a base Object). For Python 3.6.* install it with pip install dataclasses

Version 0.9.58

  • PR #196 treats error 492 as a warning so that scanner results can still be used.

Version 0.9.57

  • PR #184, #185 and #186 add the new Ticker fields rtTradeVolume, auctionVolume, auctionPrice and auctionImbalance.

  • PR #191 lets util.schedule return a handle that can be canceled.

  • PR #192 adds throttleStart and throttleEnd events to the Client.

  • PR #194 adds better JSON support for namedtuple objects.

Version 0.9.56

  • Fix bug #178: Order.totalQuantity is now float.

Version 0.9.55

  • Sphinx update for documentation.

Version 0.9.54

  • ContractDetails.stockType added.

  • Fixed Trade.filled() for combo (BAG) contracts.

  • Server version check added to make sure TWS/gateway version is at least 972.

Version 0.9.53

  • Fix bug #155 (IB.commissionReportEvent not firing).

  • Help editors with the code completion for Events.

Version 0.9.52

  • Fix Client.exerciseOptions (bug #152).

Version 0.9.51

  • Fix ib.placeOrder for older TWS/gateway versions.

  • Better handling of unclean disconnects.

Version 0.9.50

  • Fix execDetailsEvent regression.

  • Added readonly argument to ib.connect method. Set this to True when the API is in read-only mode.

Version 0.9.49

  • ib.reqCompletedOrders() request added (requires TWS/gateway >= 976). Completed orders are automatically synced on connect and are available from ib.trades(), complete with fills and commission info.

  • Fixed bug #144.

Version 0.9.48

  • Ticker.halted field added.

  • Client.reqFundamentalData fixed.

Version 0.9.47

  • ibapi package from IB is no longer needed, ib_insync handles its own socket protocol encoding and decoding now.

  • Documentation moved to readthedocs as rawgit will cease operation later this year.

  • Blocking requests will now raise ConnectionError on a connection failure. This also goes for, util.timeRange, etc.

Version 0.9.46

  • Event class has been replaced with the one from eventkit.

  • Event-driven bar construction from ticks added (via Ticker.updateEvent)

  • Fixed bug #136.

  • Default request throttling is now 45 requests/s for compatibility with TWS/gateway 974 and higher.

Version 0.9.45

  • Event.merge() added.

  • TagValue serialization fixed.

Version 0.9.44

  • Event.any() and Event.all() added.

  • Ticker fields added: tradeCount, tradeRate, volumeRate, avOptionVolume, markPrice, histVolatility, impliedVolatility, rtHistVolatility and indexFuturePremium.

  • Parse ticker.fundamentalRatios into FundamentalRatios object.

  • util.timeRangeAsync() and waitUntilAsync() added.

  • ib.pendingTickersEvent now emits a set of Tickers instead of a list.

  • Tick handling has been streamlined.

  • For harvesting tick data, an imperative code style with a waitOnUpdate loop should not be used anymore!

Version 0.9.43

  • Fixed issue #132.

  • Event.aiter() added, all events can now be used as asynchronous iterators.

  • Event.wait() added, all events are now also awaitable.

  • Decreased default throttling to 95 requests per 2 sec.

Version 0.9.42

  • Ticker.shortableShares added (for use with generic tick 236).

  • ib.reqAllOpenOrders() request added.

  • tickByTick subscription will update ticker’s bid, ask, last, etc.

  • Drop redundant bid/ask ticks from reqMktData.

  • Fixed occasional “Group name cannot be null” error message on connect.

  • Watchdog code rewritten to not need util.patchAsyncio.

  • Watchdog.start() is no longer blocking.

Version 0.9.41

  • Fixed bug #117.

  • Fixed order modifications with TWS/gateway 974.

Version 0.9.40

  • Ticker.fundamentalRatios added (for use with generic tick 258).

  • Fixed reqHistoricalTicks with MIDPOINT.

Version 0.9.39

  • Handle partially filled dividend data.

  • Use secType='WAR' for warrants.

Version 0.9.38

  • ibapi v97.4 is now required.

  • fixed tickByTick wrappers.

Version 0.9.37

  • Backward compatibility with older ibapi restored.

Version 0.9.36

  • Compatibility with ibapi v974.

  • Client.setConnectOptions() added (for PACEAPI).

Version 0.9.35

  • Ticker.hasBidAsk() added.

  • IB.newsBulletinEvent added.

  • Various small fixes.

Version 0.9.34

  • Old event system (ib.setCallback) removed.

  • Compatibility fix with previous ibapi version.

Version 0.9.33

  • Market scanner subscription improved.

  • IB.scannerDataEvent now emits the full list of ScanData.

  • ScanDataList added.

Version 0.9.32

  • Autocompletion with Jedi plugin as used in Spyder and VS Code working again.

Version 0.9.31

  • Request results will return specialized contract types (like Stock) instead of generic Contract.

  • IB.scannerDataEvent added.

  • ContractDetails field summary renamed to contract.

  • isSmartDepth parameter added for reqMktDepth.

  • Event loop nesting is now handled by the nest_asyncio project.

  • util.useQt is rewritten so that it can be used with any asyncio event loop, with support for both PyQt5 and PySide2. It does not use quamash anymore.

  • Various fixes, extensive documentation overhaul and flake8-compliant code formatting.

Version 0.9.30

  • Watchdog.stop() will not trigger restart now.

  • Fixed bug #93.

Version 0.9.29

  • util.patchAsyncio() updated for Python 3.7.

Version 0.9.28

  • IB.RequestTimeout added.

  • util.schedule() accepts tz-aware datetimes now.

  • Let client.disconnect() complete when no event loop is running.

Version 0.9.27

  • Fixed bug #77.

Version 0.9.26

  • PR #74 merged (ib.reqCurrentTime() method added).

  • Fixed bug with order error handling.

Version 0.9.25

  • Default throttling rate now compatible with reqTickers.

  • Fixed issue with ib.waitOnUpdate() in combination. with ib.pendingTickersEvent.

  • Added timeout parameter for ib.waitOnUpdate().

Version 0.9.24

  • ticker.futuresOpenInterest added.

  • execution.time was string, is now parsed to UTC datetime.

  • ib.reqMarketRule() request added.

Version 0.9.23

  • Compatability with Tornado 5 as used in new Jupyter notebook server.

Version 0.9.22

  • updated ib.reqNewsArticle and ib.reqHistoricalNews to ibapi v9.73.07.

Version 0.9.21

  • updated ib.reqTickByTickData() signature to ibapi v9.73.07 while keeping backward compatibility.

Version 0.9.20

  • Fixed watchdog bug.

Version 0.9.19

  • Don’t overwrite exchange='SMART' in qualifyContracts.

Version 0.9.18

  • Merged PR #65 (Fix misnamed event).

Version 0.9.17

  • New IB events disconnectedEvent, newOrderEvent, orderModifyEvent and cancelOrderEvent.

  • Watchdog improvements.

Version 0.9.16

  • New event system that will supersede IB.setCallback().

  • Notebooks updated to use events.

  • Watchdog must now be given an IB instance.

Version 0.9.15

  • Fixed bug in default order conditions.

  • Fixed regression from v0.9.13 in placeOrder.

Version 0.9.14

  • Fixed orderStatus callback regression.

Version 0.9.13

  • Log handling improvements.

  • Client with clientId=0 can now manage manual TWS orders.

  • Client with master clientId can now monitor manual TWS orders.

Version 0.9.12

  • Run IBC and IBController directly instead of via shell.

Version 0.9.11

  • Fixed bug when collecting ticks using ib.waitOnUpdate().

  • Added ContFuture class (continuous futures).

  • Added Ticker.midpoint().

Version 0.9.10

  • ib.accountValues() fixed for use with multiple accounts.

Version 0.9.9

  • Fixed issue #57

Version 0.9.8

  • Fix for ib.reqPnLSingle().

Version 0.9.7

  • Profit and Loss (PnL) funcionality added.

Version 0.9.6

  • IBC added.

  • PR #53 (delayed greeks) merged.

  • Ticker.futuresOpenInterest field removed.

Version 0.9.5

  • Fixed canceling bar and tick subscriptions.

Version 0.9.4

  • Fixed issue #49.

Version 0.9.3

  • Watchdog class added.

  • ib.setTimeout() added.

  • Ticker.dividends added for use with genericTickList 456.

  • Errors and warnings will now log the contract they apply to.

  • IB error() callback signature changed to include contract.

  • Fix for issue #44.

Version 0.9.2

  • Historical ticks and realtime bars now return time in UTC.

Version 0.9.1

  • IBController added.

  • openOrder callback added.

  • default arguments for ib.connect() and ib.reqMktData().

Version 0.9.0

  • minimum API version is v9.73.06.

  • tickByTick support.

  • automatic request throttling.

  • ib.accountValues() now works for multiple accounts.

  • AccountValue.modelCode added.

  • Ticker.rtVolume added.


Version 0.8.17

  • workaround for IBAPI v9.73.06 for Contract.lastTradeDateOrContractMonth format.

Version 0.8.16

  • util.tree() method added.

  • error callback signature changed to (reqId, errorCode, errorString).

  • accountValue and accountSummary callbacks added.

Version 0.8.15

  • util.useQt() fixed for use with Windows.

Version 0.8.14

  • Fix for ib.schedule().

Version 0.8.13

  • Import order conditions into ib_insync namespace.

  • util.useQtAlt() added for using nested event loops on Windows with Qtl

  • ib.schedule() added.

Version 0.8.12

  • Fixed conditional orders.

Version 0.8.11

  • FlexReport added.

Version 0.8.10

  • Fixed issue #22.

Version 0.8.9

  • Ticker.vwap field added (for use with generic tick 233).

  • Client with master clientId can now monitor orders and trades of other clients.

Version 0.8.8

  • barUpdate event now used also for reqRealTimeBars responses

  • reqRealTimeBars will return RealTimeBarList instead of list.

  • realtime bars example added to bar data notebook.

  • fixed event handling bug in Wrapper.execDetails.

Version 0.8.7

  • BarDataList now used with reqHistoricalData; it also stores the request parameters.

  • updated the typing annotations.

  • added barUpdate event to IB.

  • bar- and tick-data notebooks updated to use callbacks for realtime data.

Version 0.8.6

  • ticker.marketPrice adjusted to ignore price of -1.

  • ticker.avVolume handling fixed.

Version 0.8.5

  • realtimeBar wrapper fix.

  • context manager for IB and IB.connect().

Version 0.8.4

  • compatibility with upcoming ibapi changes.

  • added error event to IB.

  • notebooks updated to use loopUntil.

  • small fixes and performance improvements.

Version 0.8.3

  • new IB.reqHistoricalTicks() API method.

  • new IB.loopUntil() method.

  • fixed issues #4, #6, #7.

Version 0.8.2

  • fixed swapped ticker.putOpenInterest vs ticker.callOpenInterest.

Version 0.8.1

  • fixed wrapper.tickSize regression.

Version 0.8.0

  • support for realtime bars and keepUpToDate for historical bars

  • added option greeks to Ticker.

  • new IB.waitUntil() and IB.timeRange() scheduling methods.

  • notebooks no longer depend on PyQt5 for live updates.

  • notebooks can be run in one go (‘run all’).

  • tick handling bypasses ibapi decoder for more efficiency.


Version 0.7.3

  • IB.whatIfOrder() added.

  • Added detection and warning about common setup problems.

Version 0.7.2

  • Removed import from ipykernel.

Version 0.7.1

  • Removed dependencies for installing via pip.

Version 0.7.0

  • added lots of request methods.

  • order book (DOM) added.

  • notebooks updated.


Version 0.6.1

  • Added UTC timezone to some timestamps.

  • Fixed issue #1.

Version 0.6.0

  • Initial release.